Repair. Maintenance. Service. 

Over 30 Years of Expertise

Car denting and painting, you may have a parking scratch to fix on your car, or a part of your car need to be painted, it can be a door with a small dent or an accident, it can be a bumper repair and paint required on it, or you may need to paint the roof of the car or a bonnet. There can be many reasons that your car needs to be painted. You may also want to completely change the color of the car. We have professional painters and a paint booth. We do it all with quality auto painting services. Feel free to talk to our service advisor

Body & paint repair services include:

1. Major and minor collision repair.

2. Touch-ups, stone chips recovery, etc.

3. Complete paint jobs(full body painting).

4.Wheel rim painting and touch-up.

5.Motorcycle painting.

6.Body modifications and custom paint job accessories installation (i.e. Tow Bar, Lights, Spoilers, Grills, etc)

7. Car body polishing and waxing.


Our Services Include:

1.Pre-Purchase / Full Checkup – with 144  point check

2.Major Service – with 60 point check – All liquids Check and Top-up

3.Minor Service – with 30 point check -All liquids Check and Top-up

4.Routine Maintenance (for stored or low mileage vehicles)

5.Engine Repair, Overhaul, and Rebuild

6.Over Heating Diagnosis & Repair

7.Transmission Repair & Replacement

8.Manufacturer Recommended Service

9.Brake Repair & Replacement

10.Suspension System Repair

11.Shock and Struts Replacement

12.Steering System Repair

13.Tire Repair and Replacement

14.Wheel Alignment & Balancing​

15.Electrical Diagnostics

16.Computer Diagnostic Testing

17.Air Conditioning A/C Repair

18.Battery Replacement

19.Alternator & Charging System Repair

20.Bulbs and Fuses Replacement

21.Engine Cooling System Repair

22.Fuel System Repair

23.Emissions Inspection and Repair

24.Exhaust System Repair­­